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Rules for Micro-Influencers before Registration (VERY IMPORTANT)

Adding Micro-influencer inventory:

  • Sellers will add their social media inventory (example 2-hour Story or Facebook Post) as product.
  • The 1st rate mentioned by them will be R1.
  • Sellers can increase or decrease their inventory rate based on response. All subsequent rates will be called R1, R2, R3 and so on.
  • Proper description and use of HTML to be done in order to make the inventory lucrative to customers. Instagram feed or Youtube videos can be embedded.

How to invest:

  • Customers can identify, potential micro-influencers who they believe can become big influencers in future based on the quality of their posts.
  • A customer can buy a micro-influencer inventory for immediate shout-out or for long-term investment.
  • While buying the inventory, the customer is required to upload the creative and also schedule a probable time for the post. It is for the micro-influencer to accept or reject the time of post.
  • In case of long term investment, customers can buy the inventory and keep the time of post between 6 months-1 year.

Earnings in case of Long-term investment:

  • Suppose a customer buys a long-term inventory for R1. Micro-influencer grows and after getting response they increase their rate to R2 (R1<R2). The customer will earn 50% of the increase in rate 0.5x(R2-R1), after any cupidtrails commission. Basically, the micro-influencer has to pay 50% of the increase in price to the customer who bet on them.
  • A customer can benefit from such increase in rate just once and it will be on a first come first serve basis. R2 will be considered any rate at which an inventory is bought by a customer.
  • In case the micro-influencer reduces their price (R2<R1) due to low response, there will no change in the process and the customer post will be delivered as per scheduled.
  • Final payment will be passed on to the micro-influencer only after completion of the post, which can be after 1 year in some cases as well.

Penalty for non-post:

  • If a micro-influencer fails to complete a post due to some reason, they will lose the weekly security payout. The weekly payout will be transferred to the customer’s Cupid-Wallet after any cupidtrails commission.
  • All payments to be done only after the final inventory is consumed.
  • In case of any discrepancy customer or micro-influencer can raise a query through our portal. The same shall be resolved in 24-48 hours’ time.