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About Us

Cupidtrails was started with an objective to connect couple travelers around the world. We share experiences, blogs and itineraries of travelers through our different online channels. Our community has over 2000 couples from different parts of the world. They connect over emails, meet in different geographical locations and go on trips together.

We have recently started our online marketplace, which provides a platform for travelers to start their online businesses. It is a place where you can sell anything and everything, at a price decided by you. 

We encourage local craftsmen, product creators and manufacturers to exhibit their items in our website.

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Some of the features of our Online marketplace are as mentioned below: 

  • TRAVEL-SHOP-SELL-REPEAT: Integrates travel and shopping to create a market place for travelers. People can sell their travel items at a pre-decided price. Users can search for people around their location and request them to purchase some item for them. 
  • INVEST IN CUPIDTRAILS EXCLUSIVE ITEMS: Forget about inventory management, vendor management and distribution problems. Cupidtrails will take care of everything. Just help us promote the product and get 10% margin on the sale of every unit. 
  • START YOUR OWN CLOTHING LINE: We provide a platform to fashion/jewelry designers for launching their own fashion line. They can exhibit their designs in our stores and start their business.
  • LAUNCH YOUR ARTISAN LINE: Handicraft artists and painters can put their products on sale and become popular in the community. 
  • GET THE BEST PRICE FOR YOUR PAINTINGS: If you are a painter, you can exhibit your work on our platform. 
  • CREATE YOUR OWN ITINERARY: Traveling to a destination? Create your own itinerary day-wise, house-wise. Choose from our rich inventory of "to-do-lists". Download and share the itinerary with anyone. 
  • EARN CUPIDPOINTS: Earn Cupidpoints as you engage in various activities onsite. Enhance you shopping experience with ready cashback and discounts. 

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