The hidden treasures of Kerala!

By Guest Bloggers: Shreya & Akshay (Shreakosphere).


I have been to Kerala twice already but this was my first trip with Akshay and his first trip to Kerala, so it was all the more special.

It happened to be my cousin sister’s wedding in Kerala which made us utilise this opportunity and plan for our anniversary trip too! I have seen many places in kerala with my family, so this time I left it upto Akshay to decide which places he would like to visit. And the way he always surprises me, this time  he surprised me with his beaches, lets do hill stations only.

Munnar was definitely on top of our list but we wanted one more place and that’s when our research started and ended at Vagamon which is truly a hidden treasure!


We read some blogs and saw some pictures which made us instantly fall in love with that place!

so let us take you through our Kerala hidden treasures..

  1. Athirapally waterfalls


Athirapally Waterfalls are located 1000 feet above sea level at the Chalakudy River in Thrissur district of Kerala. One of the famous tourist attractions in Kerala, the magnificent waterfalls are a sight worth witnessing. This is the biggest waterfall in Kerala. Athirapally falls comes down from a height of 80 feet through several parallel streams. In the monsoon season, in its full might, the waterfalls appear like Niagara Falls. Hence, a popular backdrop for many of the Bollywood and Tollywood movies!

 We have to hike downstairs for about 30 mins to reach the bottom of the waterfalls else it can also be seen from the top.

It was truly a mesmerising sight for the eyes!

2.  Fort Kochi


This area has become very popular these days owing to its instagrammable cafes and colourful walls.

There are so many foreigners roaming around in this area. You can also spot several hostels which are again very colourful and photo worthy!

We reached this place in afternoon and just had few hours to while away before our return flight, so we decided to check out this amazing place called Xandari Harbour which we had read about in some magazine.



We were totally in love this place which is right near the waterfront. Those beautiful views and having one of the most delicious sea food dishes was an experience all together! It was very difficult to leave this place, but we left with some amazing memories etched in our minds and a vow to come visit and stay at this place again someday!



Vagamon was truly a beautiful place. Very quaint and quiet surroundings, lush greenery, beautiful valleys and some lovely tea plantations again like Munnar!

Its a perfect place for people who love to holiday away from the hustle and bustle of a regular tourist place. Vagamon is not so popular but the beauty and the calmness of this places blew away our minds!


The Vagamon meadows were stunning. We must have just sat there for more than an hour staring into the blue skies and the green valleys! The view from that place is really magnificient. We felt this place must be truly enchanting during the monsoons and we would love to visit this place again during the monsoons.

Another beautiful place was the Vagamon Pine forest. These pine trees can also be easily seen in Himachal Pradesh but I havent been around the pine forest in Himachal so we decided to go to this pine forest and discover whats different in Vagamon.

This pine forest was very vast and we almost walked for an hour to find a place to sit and click some nice pictures. It was a wrong day for us as it was Christmas and people were out with their families celebrating at the Pine forest (Who does that?!) Nevertheless, we didn’t miss any opportunity to click some beautiful pictures around these trees.


The next day we spent at the Vagamon Meadows and the Pine Forest. We totally loved exploring these places. Vagamon can totally be called as a non polluted – No garbage destination!!

The places one can visit at Vagamon are as follows:

  1. Tea plantations

  2. Pine Forest

  3. Murugan mala

  4. Thangal para

  5. Kurisu mala

  6. Orchid Garden

  7. Suicide Point

  8. Paragliding

  9. Water falls

  10. Vagamon Meadows

You can either use your own vehicle to visit these places or can hire jeep for a day/half day to visit the destinations. Usually the hotel you stay in offers you day tours to these places in their jeep.

so those were the hidden treasures we unravelled in Kerala. There will be many more and we would love to explore them some other time!

Adios for now!

Yours truly,


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