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Thailand: Get enchanted with the beauty of the “Land of the Free”

So less time and so much to see! That is one mutual feeling that we all have when it comes to visiting places across the world. Are you thinking of travelling lately? Why not try Thailand then? The Kingdom of Thailand is one such destination that you are bound to revisit once you are there! It is that beautiful and we can vouch for that. Be it the bewitching islands or the lip-smacking Thai food, the always-welcoming people or the ever-so-relaxing Thai massage, what is not to be excited for when in Thailand?

Formerly known as ‘Siam’, it is also a place where you can spot white elephants and other animals like tigers and bears. There are innumerable national parks and zoos to visit for amusement, then you have floating markets where you can eat seafood or shop souvenirs from. Thailand also has beautiful beaches where you can soak up the Sun, and the exciting to-do-list just goes on and on!

Traveling makes your soul feel free. What are you waiting for? Put your seatbelts on and let’s hijack the Thailand Kingdom. We are sure once you reach the end of the article, you will not wait any further to book your tickets. So, let’s go!

Learn about the festivals/main events that the Thais celebrate.

Some really refreshing festivals and events are celebrated here in Thailand that you are less likely to witness anywhere else in the world.

Thai New Year: Also called Songkran, this event-filled day is marked as one of the most important dates in the Thai calendar, and is celebrated by everyone throughout the nation in the month of April. It is mostly enjoyed by splashing water at each other using water buckets, water guns and so on.

  • Phi Ta Khon: Thai people wear big colorful masks and patchwork clothes to take part in a procession in this 3-days-long ‘Ghost’ and ‘Rock’ Festival held somewhere in the month of June. They play various games and indulge in activities like going on parades, holding costume and dance competitions, and so on.
  • Lantern Festival: Locally called the Yee Peng Festival, Thais release thousands of lanterns into the sky in Chiang Mai as a symbol of letting go of all their misfortunes, and to make their wishes come true. The event is also accompanied with dance contests, firework show, innumerable food stalls in the streets and beautifully decked up houses of the localites.

Apart from these, there are a dozen other festivals that you would love to witness!

What can you expect to do in Thailand?

We have made a list of some of the most popular things that you can do when you’re in this mystical place!
Stop by the Grand Palace: Probably one of the most attractive tourist spots in Bangkok, you need to dress ‘appropriately’ to earn your entry here! Spread across 218,400 sq. metres, the palace had been home to the Thailand Government, the court and well, the King until 1925. Official events, royal ceremonies and state functions are still held here.

  • Visit the elephants ‘ethically’ in Chiang Mai: though you can’t ride the elephants, you can go on a walk with them, feed and bathe them as well. You can also see and learn how elephant dung is recycled into paper by visiting the Elephant Poo Park here. Imagine!
  • Go to the islands: Thailand is waiting for its 5000 miles of coastline to be explored by travelers like you! Koh Samui, Koh Nang Yuan, Koh Phi-Phi, Koh Si Chang, Phuket are some islands that you cannot miss visiting at any cost! Take a boat, sail away and do some island-hopping!
  • Take the hot air balloon: What a sight it is to watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon in Chiang Mai! The one-hour tour starting at 6am across the mountainous city is every worth the penny.
  • Snorkel in Koh Tao: Being a beach baby, how can you miss watching the life under sea so closely? At very affordable rates, you can enjoy snorkeling in Koh Tao where you can find coral reefs and a rich marine life. Book your trip in advance to avoid rush!
  • Get a Thai Massage: When in Thailand, you SHOULD get a Thai massage done every single day! It is uber-relaxing and cheap but be careful about the service(s) offered and mention what you exactly want to the masseuse in prior (wink)!
  • Go see the Floating Markets: When in Thailand, how can you not go to the Floating Markets? Wooden boats with local produce like veggies and seafood, chaotic scenes and color everywhere, these markets are surely a treat to the eyes. Go in the wee hours of the morning to avoid rush and crack the best deals.
  • Watch a boxing match: The Ratchadamnoen Stadium showcases LIVE local boxing matches called Muay Thai in Thailand. If you’re a boxing enthusiast, you shouldn’t miss this one!
  • Take a temple ride: Did you know Thailand has over 40,000 temples? Wat Phra Yai in Koh Sumui, Doi Suthep Temple in Chiang Mai, Wat Arun in Bnagkok, the Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya are some of the popular ones which you can visit.
  • Visit the National Parks: Thailand has a plethora of National Parks that you can take your family and children to. Ang Thong Marine National Park, Doi Inthanon National Park, Kui Buri National Park, Erawan National Park, are some of the famous ones.

What should the foodie in you not give a miss when in Thailand?

Thai cuisine is world famous for its rich flavors and exotic fragrances. How can you not have the most famous dishes when in Thailand? We will tell you what you must totally try!

 Pad Thai: Rice noodles tossed with onions, dried shrimps, eggs, beansprouts, combined with chicken/beef/tofu/pork (or all), and a host of condiments like chili powder, finely ground peanuts, fish sauce, and sugar, Pad Thai is one dish that’s found in almost every street of Thailand

  • Som Tum: Heard of Papaya Salad? Well, you’ve got to try this one! The sweet yet spicy flavor comes from the well-shredded raw papayas, along with garlic, green beans, cherry tomatoes, and chilies
  • Tom Yum Goong: For all the soup lovers, this spicy shrimp soup will bowl you over with its alluring look and oh-so-beautiful flavor and aroma! Fresh prawns, mushrooms, shallots, lemongrass, chilies, lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, shallots and fish sauce make up this soup and it is die for
  • Khao Pad: Simple fried rice yet it tastes so exotic that you would want to have it every day for lunch! Fried rice along with a few herbs, onions, eggs, sliced cucumbers, a tinge of lemon, leftover veggies, and crabs/chicken/prawns make this dish an unmissable one
  • Gaeng Keow Wan Kai: Eggplants, bamboo shoots, sweet basil, coriander, creamy coconut milk, green curry paste, and of course chicken are the ingredients used in this popular Thai dish. Chicken lovers must give this one a shot!

To be honest, non-vegetarians have a gala time trying out exotic dishes in Thailand, especially the seafood. However vegetarians should not worry as Thai people have many options for them too! Just remember to say ‘gin jay’ to the waiter indicating you’re a vegetarian, and they will take care of the rest!

How can you reach Thailand?

This land of Buddhist temples and enthralling beaches have two International Airports namely Don Mueang International Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport that operate 24x7. Catch a flight as per your convenience! 

If you’re thinking of a road trip, you can reach Thailand from India via the India-Myanmar-Thailand trilateral highway spanning across 3200kms beginning from Moreh in Manali, India. 

What would be the best time to visit Thailand?

Marked by three distinct seasons: Hot, Rainy, and Cool, the climate in Thailand is the tropical type. Though tourists pour in thousands of numbers throughout the year, the ideal time to visit ‘the land of smiles’ is between late November to the end of April.

Beach lovers are sure to be enthralled by the cloudless clear blue skies during this period, and they would also not have to beat the heat of the scorching sun at this time as the weather would be pleasant.

Already in a holiday mood? Go pack your bags and book the earliest flights to the ‘Kingdom of Thailand’!

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