Ten Best Gifts to Give this Festive Season

Being an Indian is a proud thing in many ways. One among them are never-ending festivals and traditions following that. In the 12 month year chart, there isn't a month that goes blank. We have so many reasons to have a get-together, make each other feel special. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, Deepawali, Eid, or Christmas, gathering with families and friends is necessary. We consider our guests very special. Each year before any event, we spend hours thinking and categorizing the gift you need to buy. This time we will let you know what can be the best option for a gift. Here we have ten trendy and the best gifts you can choose from.

1. Customized t-shirts 

Customized t-shirts are the new trend in the apparel market. You can give it according to the occasion, arrangements. You can design for groups and individuals as well. Every function, your moods speak the same, thus let the whole crowd say it loud through t-shirts. The best part about gifting this is, you can buy in bulk, or for an individual, it will remain pocket-friendly. This is unique and will cheer up the love and energy altogether.

2. Home Decoration

Top 10 best gift

Our Living room accessories for decoration items include curtains, wall arts, room dividers, and Bedroom accessories for decoration items, including Wooden jharokhas, Murals, wall clocks, and many more. This thing will stay longer with the receivers and add a festive colour to their lives. Home decoration is an evergreen trend. Any age group person would love to receive such gifts, which can add to their living space and remind you.

3. Handmade Chocolate Hamper.

chocolate best gift hamper

There are another set of people who don't love to add up new things to their homes—the ones who almost have everything with them already. You can choose something best for such people, which they always will remember and don't require to store. Handmade chocolate hamper, where a couple of best chocolates like Chocolate Covered Nuts such as Milk Chocolate, Chocolate-Flavored Coffee such as Dunkin' Donuts, Chocolate Glazed Donut, Candy Chocolate such as Chocolate River Rocks. Edible Money such as Palmer Gold Coins Solid Milk Chocolate Flavored Coins are beautifully arranged together.

4. e-Gift Cards

E-gift card as a gift

A gift card or gift voucher, or gift token are prepaid stored-value money cards, usually issued by a retailer or bank, to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a particular store or related business. An E-gift card is a digitalized form where you can buy the card from the store and give it to them to purchase their favorite item for free as the card is prepaid. This can be the best option when you can not decide which item to buy and whether the receiver will love it. Cupidtrails.com also holds this facility carrying the maximum amount to be 1k.

5. Personalized Hampers

Hampers best gift

Personalized gifts are the items that carry a person's name, initials, picture, or monogram on them. They create a sense of belonging among your loved ones and give a feeling that the gift is made exclusively for them. When you go for a hamper, you can add multiple items with your wish. Personalized gifts let the other person know that you have taken the time and effort to specially select and make the gift for them, which is way better than any gift they have ever received.

6. Instax Camera

instax camera gift

Selfies are the new wave. Every memory of your trip to your special moments are captured on the spot through your phone camera and store in your memory card. But Instax (stylized as Instax) is a brand of instant still cameras and instant films marketed by Fujifilm. That is combining the real photograph with instant selfie mode. In India, most of the people do not own this. So if you think your friend or family doesn't have one of these, get them an Instax camera as a gift.

7. Subscriptions

Subscription, amazon, netflix

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar are some new home theatre websites that bring the newly released best content to you directly through your phone, laptop, and TV. Especially after the lockdown period where normal TV channels were not offering any content. The majority of people switched to this digital multi-media. But to assess them, you need a subscription. If you are wondering what to give, you can provide subscriptions to these portals so that they can enjoy it too.

8. Buy them a ticket for you.

get a ticket as gift

If the Receiver is a long distance from you, know their free dates and buy them a travelling ticket because no festival and celebration can be made real of being apart. Know the COVID-19 advisories and follow the precaution and bring them home and celebrate it together.

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