Trends that 2020 Holds for You

 Fashion is the area of activity that involves styles of clothing and appearance. Each passing year, month and week bring new fashion styles. When these styles are adopted by the millions in market is known as Trends. Trends can be evergreen but we always witness something new in the market. Who create Fashion? For this we have tonnes of designers who know what this generations need is. Talking about Trends 2020 we have money in the box. The main thing to witness is there are many way of styling which we are adopting again. Lets discuss 5 Trends which went viral.


Polka Dot cupidtrails trend
A recent of virat and Anushka here Anushka is looking pretty in her polka dot dress. Polka Dots are very familiar to us because this is not something new popped up in 2020 but was trending in 80's. Today again we are obsessing over polka dots. It is a pattern consisting of an array of large filled circles of the same size. The pattern rarely appears in formal contexts, however, and is generally confined to more playful attire such as bathing suits and lingerie. Occasionally, white-on-black small dots appear on more formal clothing.
Crochet trend 2020
A trend from our nanny's wardrobe. In 2020 this bring a massive change that croche is being used in summer dresses. Usually croche was limited to sweaters and jackets but today we have evolved it to be common yet look very trendy. Crochet is a process by which yarn or thread and a single hook of any size can be used to make fabric, lace, garments and toys. It may also be used to make hats, bags and jewellery.
Neon Dresses cupidtrails trend 2020
We all love to get attention. What is the better colour for attention than an highlighted one. 2020 brought neon colours into normal wearing. Now we will see majority of people having at least one highlighted pair. Lime green is believed to be a color that will bring your rewards for your labors and a stress reliever. It is also is a color closely associated with nature, confidence, and high energy and is thought to promote feelings of liveliness, freshness, and creativity.
Puff Sleeve cupidtrails trend 2020
Full-sleeve then half sleeve to sleev-less we have seen a journey. But today puff sleeves or we can say balloon sleeves are in trend. According to a website owner when they added puff-sleeve dresses for the first time, within 3 hours they got 18k orders. a decadent 'puff' of fabric. The shape for a sleeve is gathered at the top and bottom, but full in between, allowing it to puff up and create fullness. One can add this into saree, formal dresses and the best look will emerge in gowns.
5. Bell Bottom Jeans
Bell bottom jeans cupidtrails 2020
Again a dressing style which is from 80's. Now it is called flared jeans instead of bell bottom or anti-skinny jeans. These are basically jeans which are very wide from bottom. It look trendy with any kind of dressing. One can carry this with kurta and also with a crop top. These style is also be seen in trousers which are more comfy than a jeans. Thus 2020 is an year of accomplishment in apparel industry.

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