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We always find it easy to shop traditionally, that is to go personally and handpick the product by ourself. There are still a considerable amount of people who prefer the traditional way of shopping than being online. The main reason behind this is the fear of risk and the process of ordering. To minimise this gap, we want you to get fully acknowledge by the whole process of buying a product from CupidTrails.
Online delivery
Currently, we are active on three Social Media platforms that is Website, whatsapp & Instagram you can connect from either one platform. We already have some designed t-shirts and Hoodies at our online store. The catalogue will provide a full description regarding the fabric, price and other things. Yet if you have any doubt, you can contact us via message. If you want to get a t-shirt with a design that is in your mind, we can design it for you as well. We make it the top priority to build communication with our customer. Thus we will provide every necessary facility that we could. To purchase a product that you like you have to follow some simple steps that is-
  • Get the design done. If selecting already made design, you can message us with the t-shirt's picture.
  • Otherwise, contact us and let us know your idea we will design it for you.
  • Decide the colour you want.
  • We will provide full material instructions.
  • After Finalising the quantity of the product and checking if any discount coupon, we will let you know the amount to be paid.
  • As for now, we are not providing COD. You have to get the payment done online so that we can initiate with your product.
  • Once the payment is made, we will provide you invoice.
  • Then after packing and delivering the product will give you the tracking ID.
  • In the end, we will be waiting for your valuable feedbacks.
We want the shopping to be as easy as possible with the best experience you could have. Keep Shopping with us, For more information Contact us via Whatsapp  or Instagram

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