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Employment crisis are very well in trend these days. Graduates are running for jobs, market values dropping day by day, and many more. However, between these, we are also witnessing a hike in new startups and new entrepreneurs. We are quick in blaming the government, the employment sector, pandemic, world health crisis, and every other reason, except us. Yes! We are also a reason for this reason. Let us discuss how. Customized T-shirt startup


The fast-growing Indian economy is experiencing a startup boom. The numbers, according to the trade pundits, are only going to see a steep rise. There were approximately 3000 startups in the year 2014. This number is expected to quadruple by the year 2020. These hiking numbers can be attributed to many factors, including the changing mindsets and increasing involvement of local and international Venture Capitalists. The markets are now more open to new ideas and enterprises. Also, no longer are potential entrepreneurs looked upon with raised eyebrows. While still persistent, funding woes have been reduced over the years, with more investors interested in investing in smaller firms. They are willing to risk investing in new players in the game. That said, there still are a few issues that need to be addressed to provide a more conducive environment for startups to thrive.
The success of an idea or an enterprise often depends upon a clutch of external factors. And, ironically, most of those factors are beyond the control of the entrepreneur. An entrepreneur cannot decide what tax policies to implement and which ones to abolish. When we talk about a conducive environment, it mostly means the government's various policies and regulations. The launch of the Startup India initiative in 2016 has created hope for startup growth, but the full potential is yet to pan out. With the government announcing a multitude of policies to support startups, brighter days may be ahead. Office Space The most significant constraint for startups is procuring office space at and affordable price or rent. Size, facilities, cost, and location are all constraints. Sometimes, renting an entire room is not reasonable or necessary for these small enterprises. Due to this, India has recently seen a boom in shared working spaces known as the co-working offices. Operating from a co-working space helps curb the expenses, but it also provides a platform to interact with other startups in the vicinity. Social interaction leads to an exchange of ideas and the opportunity to stay in tune with the latest developments.

How Can we Contribute Customized T-shirt

How Can We Contribute

New businesses and entrepreneurs can offer some wonderfully unique products that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. Independent gift shops are a great example. If we all shopped at the same big chain stores, we’d all be wearing the same clothes and using the same products. So this is an excellent reason to #shopsmall. Independent clothing brands s are another perfect example. They tend to take a more artisanal approach to their businesses than big chains. So you can get new products at many pocket-friendly rates, at your demands.

New businesses and entrepreneurs are a crucial component of a thriving local community. More people are pledging to shop at little independent stores to maintain your cupboard's color and vibrancy. Without new businesses, the landscape of our communities would look very different. Switch from your days on the go brands and shops. Instead, try and choose new things. This is risky, but the experience would let you discover new colours out there in the market. Choose us & Shop with us.


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