Five Biggest Fashion Inspirations in India

In India we get to know about fashion and trends through some of our inspirations.  Each one of us has our personal inspirations. We are blessed to have Indian fashion bloggers in this list. Lately we used to follow bollywood and hollywood stars. Now we have real fashion bloggers. They show us how to create fashion from crap, how to be unique and how to self love. Indian sub-continent follows a modest way of fashion as we have Indian. We will show you some top influencers you must follow.

1. Mrunal Panchal

Mrunal Panchal cupidtrails fashionist

Mrunal Panchal with 2.3m Followers on instagram. A social media personality who is famous for her makeup and dressing. People follow her for her cute looks and magnificent make-up looks. Her dressing style is must to be followed. She has also represented India at TOO-FACED makeup brand. She also holds a beautiful youtube channel Gujju-unicorn. If you are not following her, rush fast.

2. Nagma Mirajkar

Nagma Mirajkar Cupidtrails fashionist

Nagma Mirajkar is an influencer with 3.5m Followers on instagram. social media star who is known for her dance and acting skills but also her dressing and makeup is to die for. She has collaborated with many international brands such as Maybelline New York, Skybags, Myntra. She also has a youtube channel. A must to be followed star. Her dressing is very close to modest and looks pretty.

3.Sakshi Sindwani

sakshi sindwani cupidtrails

Plus-sized model Sakshi Sindwani is challenging norms & quite fashionably. She flaunts her beautiful body which is socially not expected these days. In indian society a plus sized girl is not appreciated. Even major influencers also have a defined model body. Sakshi is as beautiful as she smiles. She gives confidence to many simple girls out there. She shows how beautiful each and every dress is for every body type. You definitely are living under rock if you yet do not know her.

4. Masoom Minawala

Masoom Miawala Cupidtrails

An Indian influence based in Europe. She is the CEO of the fashion portal, Miss Style Fiesta and one of the leading Indian lifestyle influencers in the world. Each and every style she shows is unique from one another and as beautiful as she is. Her body type, which is not flaunting the social norms and breaking stereotypes of being slim. Girls who feel doubtful regarding their body types and which dressing style looks good. She proves that every dress is worth wearing for everybody, you just have to love yourself.

5.Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana Cupidtrails

Known as @thatbohogirl and loved by many through social media platforms. Many follow her for the beautiful Indian looks she got. The icing on the top is her wardrobes. She completed her graduation in Fashion Designing, recently her Outfits, Hairstyle tutorial, DIYs, Travel videos etc. Currently having 1 million followers on Instagram. Her every social media profile is one of the most trending fashion blogs in the country. The fashion statement is worth watching and to be followed.

6. Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey Cupidtrails

Fashionista with 1.2million followers on instagram. She is best known for being a fashion stylist at the POPxo, an online fashion community for women.  She is a content creator with a massive fan following. She is popular for creating content for digital platforms. Her 1 min videos are worth watching having various ways to style and dress with stunning music and transitions. Her way of  making outfits out of 1 piece and re-wearing again and again. She was highlighted from videos in POPxo which was POPxo is the largest women-centric digital platform in India. From beauty and wedding to health and lifestyle.

We have many more big names in this fashion industry. They give us many style statements. One thing that we can learn from all of them is no matter how you look, what your colour is, every dress and every fabric suit is. You just have to carry it with Confidence. Here at Cupid Trails we want you to look good and wear best.


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