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In our childhood, going for shopping to buy new clothes was itself a festival. Deciding dates before a week, then going shopping many kilometers away with our whole family. Then spending the entire day in the market, from switching shops for bargaining, then, at last, getting maximum clothes from one store. When we finally got back home, we realized we did this shopping for the next six months. It was a typical shopping story of 19's kid back then. Today after several years, everything is available to us in such a comfortable manner that we have to click and do it.

How trustworthy is online shopping?

The majority of Indian's in their 40's yet can't believe that someone can buy clothes online. For them, trust matters a lot. Touching the fabric and realizing how long it will work. Determining by the shine of the cloth how fast it will fade. Then by calculating all this, they have a price in their head. That's how trustworthy shopping should be. Let's discuss how we can bring the same experience in online shopping.

Know the website.

At times we run after brands and other suggestions. But it's necessary to check the website thoroughly. Each website that sells their clothing material holds a history. From where they began, what are their sources to the materials they are directly approaching. What kind of fabrics they use for the product. To build trust on an online website, customers' checking and reading overall genuine reviews must be done.

Check how spontaneous is customer service.

A website builds its trust through communication. There are specific rules and regulations created by the website, know about their customer service. Know the return policy or look at how fast they can reach you for your complaint process. It is a minor factor but will bring trust to you that you will be heard.

 Don't jump into Advertisements. 

Advertisements are meant to attract and aware. Don't fall into advertisements and bring cheap products. At times there are clickbait images at a very cheap price, and we instantly buy it. Websites can fake photos, but they usually write genuine fabric of the desired product. Thus read and analyze before falling for any picture.

If you follow these points, you can trust the website you are purchasing and invest in the right products that suit your wardrobe.

Switch to Online Shopping

 Online shopping was emerging very widely throughout the world. In India, youth were the primary customers who switched themselves to online mode. Now, after this pandemic, it will be growing even more. As COVID-19 is still a threat and the world chose to live with it, many precaution levels need to be fulfilled. Markets are always overcrowded; it's better to avoid shopping through the offline market when you have the most prominent platform. Several predictions were made before the pandemic, which now seems to be getting through by the facts shown by Emil Kristenson were-

  • E-Commerce Sales Are Expected to Reach $4.2 Trillion by the End of 2020 (Statista) 
  • E-Commerce Sales Are Predicted to Hit $6.5 Trillion by 2023 (Statista).
  • There Are 2.05 Billion Online Shoppers in 2020 (Oberlo).
  • 75% of People Shop Online at Least Once a Month


The future is of digitalization if we want it knowingly or not. We have to update ourselves with time and manage to learn as well. The online market is as safe as offline is and vice-versa. In the end, the customer has to be smart as the seller will try to trick you through any mode. When the time demands you to update, you should, as it says, "Survival of the fittest."

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