“Cupidtrails.com”, bringing new trendy customized T-shirts

 “Cupidtrails.com” bringing you the new trendy collections of customized T-shirts. In this present apparel market, one can find a variety of new and fashionable collections. However, this generation is switching to customized T-shirts which can speak out their mind. This is not only for clothes, but we can observe this trend in almost every accessory. Cupidtrails.com setting up their small feet in this market with a variety of trendy collections. Being a new start-up, we are concerned to create a customer-friendly atmosphere, we are here to help you out with your new clothing style at affordable prices.

Reasons to choose Cupidtrails.com

We are building ourselves in every aspect to make our customers feel comfortable. As clothing is very smartly chosen materials these days, especially by youths, you want your dressing to represent you. When it comes to customized T-shirts, then definitely you want to speak up your mind and mood. Currently, in the market, several websites are promoting the same cause. But there are few criteria you should look for while choosing to shop such as:-

  • Customizing Lab:- We are providing you with the platform within our website as a ‘designing lab’ where you simply can make your design with a variety of preferred options, no out-source of editing or uploading is required. 
  • Hire Designers: - If you have the context and idea, we can provide you with the designers. You must let them know regarding your demand; we will create your desired product. Knowing the content might mot matter, but designing it to look beautiful and attractive does. 
  • Affordable price: - We care for your budget as well. Pay what the dress cost. We are aiming for Indian  Customers, and we know their sentiments when it comes to bargaining. Here we provide t-shirts according to their fabric and procedure. Even we are not charging shipping fees. Thus, your budget will not let you stop buying your favorite customized t-shirt.
  • Best Fabric: - We will provide the best fabric along with the design. 100% cotton if you want shirts that are soft, comfortable, breathable, gentle on the skin, non-clingy, and can be durable of customization with any method. It will last longer and worth your price.
  • Digitally Printed T-shirts: -   In these images are captured from pixels, and the digitalized image is used to control the deposition of ink, toner and exposure, to replicate the image you would like to print. The image will not fade and heat transfer.
  • Gift Shop and E-Cards: - Here you can assess handmade beautiful gift items and can gift it to your loved ones. Even if we provide an E-card facility, with this e-card, your loved ones can create their T-Shirt. Choose from over 1000+ ready-made templates. Chat with professional T-Shirt designers and get dummies prepared. 
  • Free shipping all over India: - We care and value your earnings, thus you must pay just for the apparel. If you are from India, we will provide free shipping to you. Why pay more for just being far. Even COD (cash on delivery) is also available with an easy return policy.
  • Partnership: - Promote your brand through our shirts if you want to reach a wider range of audience with customers wearing your branded t-shirts then CupidTrails allows you to promote your brand through shirts. We provide design, printing, logistics and payment support. Personalized up to the level of every customer.  

There are way too many reasons available for you to choose CupidTrails over your brand. Once you choose us you will return to us every time for your customized apparel is our belief.

Trendy Collections of customized T-Shirts

Another aspect of Apparel collection is collections and variety. We provide you with a wide range of options. Although, you can customize your T-Shirts according to your wish. We also provide you with several options from which you can choose. There are several categories such as

We keep on updating our collections with time so that you can get more options to choose from. The great values on collections also spice up your wardrobe. The other big deal we are offering to you is - Unlock a ₹500 Gift Shop voucher on spend of over ₹1000. Making your shopping experience budget-friendly and exclusive.

How does customizing work 


We are here, to minimize your efforts and bring you the best of your demand. For this, you simply must follow some steps -

  • Chat with us on WhatsApp
  • Share your shirt idea with our t-shirt designers
  • We will create instant dummies until you are satisfied with the design.
  • Once the design is finalized, we will confirm the order, print and ship the t-shirts to your doors.


Above all this, the best part is when you confirm to be a customer with Cupidtrails, every purchase of yours can bring a smile to the needy one out there. A part of the profit from every sale is spent on making t-shirts for economically deprived children. So, when you buy from us, you are helping a child to wear a shirt made by Cupidtrails.

We warm-heartedly welcome you, to be a part of our cupidtrail family. Enjoy your clothing experience and fill your wardrobe with your ideas.


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