Choose the perfect outfit for Your Body Type

Women’s body types are generalised structure a woman show physically by shoulder, chest, and waist. Whereas somatotype, refers to the idea that there are three generalized body compositions that people are predetermined to have. It is highly believed in our society, that there are certain types of dress which are highly designed to dress types, and others should avoid. People are born with an inherited body type based on skeletal frame and body composition. Let us get into this,

 Bottom hourglass,

Bottom hour glass body shape

this body type has a clearly defined waist. Your bust is smaller than the hips. Spoon: if you are a spoon, your hips are much larger than your bust. Your hips have a shelf-like appearance, and you have a nicely defined waist. Such body types can wear, T-shirts, sarees, modest wears, and every dress the lady wanted to wear.

 Inverted triangle body shape 

Inverted type body shape

This is characterised by broad shoulders and / or bust that narrow down to the hips. The strong shoulders often lend this body shape an athletic-looking physique. a well-toned is one of the more coveted body shapes. Thus, every sort of dress, short, full. Such ladies can pull off every sort of dress that she wants to be.

Round Body Shape

Round body shape Cupidtrails

A very underrated body type in our society. Women with such body type are always made feel inferior. But now being high time, ladies are coming forward and flaunting their shapes.  also known as the apple. ... Round body shapes have an upper body that is bigger than the lower body, no defined waist, slim hips, and broad shoulders. Again, they look beautiful in every dress they wear no matter saree or skin showing outfits. Ladies can rock their outfits.

Diamond Body Shape

Diamond body shape women Cupidtrails

Women with this silhouette often have broader hips than shoulders, slender limbs and a relatively small bust. A-line, belted, or flared dresses are the best fit for diamond body shapes because they accentuate the upper torso and draw the eyes to the waist. They should go for A-line, princess-cut, and belted dresses are your go-to styles as they create balance between the shoulders and hips

Rectangle Body Shape

Rectangle body shape Cupidtrails

has Straight Hips and a Straight Body Line. Your shoulders and hips will be roughly the same measurement with little waist definition and, whether you are a size 8 or size 28 you still have a straight body. She looks fabulous in gowns as well as trouser and tees.


Hourglass Body Shape

Hourglass body shape, Cupidtrails

Such body type is one of four traditional female body shapes. The bust and hips are well balanced, have a beautifully defined waist. Also have gently rounded shoulders that align nicely with your hips and waist is obvious and gracefully curves out to your hips those with an hourglass figure it is important to accentuate their small waist to show off their curves even better. Such ladies can flaunt their body by wearing shapewears.


Triangle Body Shape

Triangle body shape, Cupidtrails

Such type has hips that are larger than bust, have a nicely defined waist and arms and shoulders appear proportionately slimmer. Weight gains first appear in your bottom, thighs, and hips, followed by your tummy and upper body. Wear tops that are loose at the shoulders and medium fitted at the waist. Do wear broad/wide necklines. Wear jeans that have straight cut or pencil cut.

In short, no matter what your body type is and what are the set rules. You should  choose to wear what you are comfortable and confident in. Flaunt the best in you. Let not the negativities burst inside you. Choose to stay beautiful and wear the best. Cupidtrails would love to be a part of your clothing.



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