Afford To Help the Economically Deprived Children.

Everyone in this planet  is going through with something or another. We come across with so many problems in our daily life. That's a part of life, to get through all those things, we need help at times. Mental issues, physical issues, Job related issues then financial issues. Then there come a category of people who go through every sort of issues, because they are born being BPL(Below Poverty Line).


According to 2019 Brookings report, India had 73 million people living in extreme poverty which makes up 6.5% of its total population, according to the poverty is on the decline in the country, with close to 44 Indians escaping extreme poverty every minute, as per the World Poverty Clock. If we look deeper into poverty, it means not having enough material possessions or income for a person's basic needs. We are focusing on economically deprived people who easily can not afford things. Despite the many definitions, one thing is certain; poverty is a complex societal issue. No matter how poverty is defined, it can be agreed that it is an issue that requires everyone’s attention. All members of our society must work together to provide the opportunities to reach their full potential. It helps all of us to help one another  

Economically deprives
India produces different qualities for different strata of society. But quality of products for poor can be improved so that the lowest quality can start from a bit higher level.
Definition of quality differs from person to person and it changes with the change in the economic status. Also as compared to rural masses urban people are more quality conscious because their income level is more and they have variety. Hence quality is directly related to the income. Also it is generally perceived that higher the cost more the quality is. This makes quality directly proportional to price with which comes the concept of affordability.
Low income is one thing because of which people compromise on quality and the other one is family liability. Most of the people generally compromise on quality when they have to buy for the entire family. To improve the living standard superior quality products must come in an affordable price range.
Also can we say that we are less quality conscious and for us quantity matters more than quality? I feel that this cannot be regarded a generalized statement. As number of middle class and their income in hand is increasing so does the awareness regarding quality and brand. It is not that people are not quality conscious. You must have seen people even poor visiting one shop to another for quality and choice. Everyone wants to buy the best out of what is available in his or her price range. So if the lowest quality products are just removed from the market then we will left with good quality products. It is just a thought.

Be a Part of a great cause

 We at Cupidtrails is making our little effort to afford what we can to the ones who are in need. So the best part is when you confirm to be a customer with, every purchase of yours can bring a smile to the needy one out there. A part of the profit from every sale is spent on making t-shirts for economically deprived children. So, when you buy from us, you are helping a child to wear a shirt made by Cupidtrails. 
Otherwise if you yourself want to help then instead of throwing away your old clothing, passing them on to the poor is a beneficial way to help others. Many organizations distribute clothing and other amenities to those who are less fortunate. The Good Will, Salvation Army, churches, shelters and charities all offer collection boxes where you can drop off unwanted wearable garments. Giving to organizations assures that your unwanted clothing will be put to use to serve others. Donating costs you almost no effort and is far more constructive than throwing away your clothes or letting them sit in your closet. 
Gather all the clothing you no longer wear and want to donate. Assure that the clothes are clean and wearable without tears, rips or large stains. Warm clothing like jackets, sweaters, sturdy pants, shoes and even sheets and blankets are extremely beneficial, especially for the homeless. Make any necessary repairs to the garments -- such as minor stitching and bleaching. You don't want to donate items that someone can't use.
You small steps and efforts can bring comfort and smile to someone's face. However, Cupidtrails are always here to make your contribution worth.

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